Meet Peanut Butter, Animal Ambassador

Peanut Butter is our only Chinchilla here at the Ranch and can be quite the testy old lady sometimes! She came to live here at the ranch in 2015 with her sister Jelly after their owners weren’t able to care for them anymore. 

Well Peanut Butter really was not handled much in the first seven years of her life so needless to say she is not a big fan of human interaction.

Because Chinchillas are nocturnal, Peanut Butter prefers to spend her time alone resting during the day and throwing a big party at night! She loves to climb and jump around, so we give her plenty of shelves, bridges, and hides to be able to explore and run around. She also has access to a wheel to be able to run in if she pleases.

Her favorite snacks are sunflower seeds, Cheerios, and rose hips and she will take them from you very gently and hold them in her little hands to eat them.

When Peanut Butter doesn’t want to be interacted with, she will let you know, normally by putting her little front feet up like she's going to box you!

Even though Peanut Butter may not be the biggest fan of our love and affection, we sure do love her!
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